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Cancer Survivors On Line offers cancer information, resources, and support. It is designed for cancer patients, families, friends, and the professionals who treat them. It's created and maintained by cancer survivors willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

Information is presented in categories, each supplemented with lists of additional reading.

Cancer is a serious, aggressive disease. It can be treated and you can survive.

The fact that you have cancer will change your life, but cancer does not have to define you. You have the same body, mind, and soul that you had before diagnosis (all of which may be battered and bruised, but the same nonetheless).

It is normal to feel a sense of urgency after diagnosis. You may feel that you must act immediately. Many doctors will attempt to schedule surgery or other treatment within days after diagnosis. Don't put off medical attention; but take time to learn about your specific cancer and it's treatments. Study the list of questions to ask. Don't procrastinate -- investigate!

Browse through this web site, print pages for later reference; use the glossary to learn the language of cancer.

Try to find some level of comfort with your diagnosis and your depth of knowledge about your cancer. Participate in your treatment and make informed decisions.

A good place to start is with The Complete Cancer Survival Guide, Everything You Must Know and Where to Go for State-of-the-Art Treatment of the 25 Most Common Forms of Cancer by Peter Teeley and Philip Bashe. Check our resource page for additional information.

Here's a good selection of
reading and resources
regarding cancer in general.

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