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Here are our favorite links in the fields of:

Medical Organizations and Sites

American Cancer Society
Cancer information and referrals

American Society of Clinical Oncology

American Medical Association
Articles from JAMA and online doctor finder

Beverly Oncology Centers
Treatment and research information

Bone Marrow Transplant Support Group
An online support group including information, links, and support.

British Columbia Cancer Agency website
for those interested in the objective assessment of "unconventional" therapies. The sections include a good listing of the peer-reviewed literature, and approximate costs of each therapy.

Cancer Links

Cancer Treatment Guidelines
enter the type of cancer you are interested in and go to the section called "[type of cancer] surveillance guidelines"

Clinical Trials Center Watch
Listing service for patients and researcher professionals

Colon Cancer Alliance
Colon cancer information and e-mail discussion list.

Eyes On The Prize
Provides information and emotional support by and for women with gynecologic cancers. Personal stories, suggestions, annotated links, and a caring, moderated environment.

Healing Well
Provides numerous links to sites relating to all aspects of health care. Several good collections of cancer links.

Over 500 links about medical care

Johns Hopkins Pathology Home Page
Cancer information

Mayo Health O@sis
Mayo Clinic's great interactive site

Free access to National Library of Medicine's database

Free database of articles, medical dictionaries, drug databases

National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations - NABCO

National Cancer Institute

New England Journal of Medicine
Online version of the Journal

Extensive links and information regarding cancer

Oral Cancer Page
This site includes photos of self exam and info on new Brush Biopsy Technique(Oral Scan) and links to other oral cancer sites 

Trials Central
Information about clinical trials and links to databases of ongoing and completed clinical trials.

Vulvar Cancer Website
There is a "semi" new cancer that many women are not aware exists. It is called Vulvar Cancer, and it's a devastating disease. Many women who have aquired this disease have suffered complete radical vulvectomies. This is when the outer female genitals are surgically removed. This site contains links to other vulvar cancer sites as well as a message board where patients and others can ask questions and share information anonymously.

Web Whispers
Larynx cancer survivor site including a mail list service which includes laryngectomees, caregivers, and speech-language pathologists and related medical professionals.

World Ostomy Resource

Support and counseling for breast cancer patients

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Other Organizations and Sites

AARP's Webplace
Information, links, and resources

ADA Homepage
Homepage to the Americans with Disability Act with links to questions and answers and highlights of Title II where cancer is specifically mentioned.

The Aid in Dying Communication Project
Helping to improve communication between health professionals and patients near the end of their lives.

Alternative Medicine Links of Interest:
Alternative Medicine, Future Medicine
Alternative Medicine Homepage
Alternative Medicine Resource Guide
Alternative Medicine Holistic and Wellness Sites
Explore Alternative Avenues
Healing Crow
Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine on the Web
Holistic Health
Wellness for Body and Soul

Between Us
sponsored by Affinityfilms, Inc, a non-profit organization. Services include a First Aid Kit for women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer, including video of 12 long-term breast cancer survivors.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction Sites
Two sites which include personal journals of reconstruction as well as photographs
One Woman's [Tram] Reconstruction
Pat's Reconstruction

The Crusade for Lung Cancer Site
a non-profit organization founded to foster better awareness of lung cancer research and funding.

Colonoscopy alternative - The Video Pill
Two sites: one an article from BBC and the second from the engineers.
BBC News -
Optical Engineering -

FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered
Provides support for women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer, support for families with increased risk of these cancers, and helps women find resources to determine if they are high risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

An evidence-based herbal database.

RX List
A database of most prescription drugs. You can search for either brand or generic names and spelling doesn't have to be exact.

Seasons of Survival
Created by a cancer survivor and therapist specializing in counseling cancer patients.

Social Security
Benefit information, including disability, forms online

US News Best Hospital Rankings
A Searchable database by specialty, or an alphabetical ranking by name of facility.

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Environment and Cancer

This is a good source for free and easily accessible local environmental information on the Internet. Type in a zip code to find out about local air pollution and explore state-of-the-art interactive maps.

Clean Air Act Applications to Local Companies Click the search button and enter the name of the process and you can get all the regulatory documents.

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Fatigue and Cancer

Fatigue FAQ & Links

Oncology Nurses Association Site on Cancer and Fatigue

NCI Fatigue site

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(Watch the spelling on some of these from the British Empire)

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Medical Tests

Arterial Blood Gas Analysis

Codes for Family Practice
Two ways to find a listing of codes used for CPT and diagnostic codes
Or, go to any search engine and type in CPT/ICD-9 Codes

Medical Abbreviation Listing - University of Michigan

Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Use of Tumor Markers in Breast and Colorectal Cancer

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Staging Cancer Select the type of cancer you are interested in and then select Stage Specific Guidelines.

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The US Breast Cancer Prevention Trial (BCPT) that evaluated tamoxifen maintains a site on which information on the study is posted

The home page of the pharmaceutical company which produces tamoxifen displays several clinical studies done with tamoxifen.

Other sites with information regarding tamoxifen:

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The Calorie Control Council
Weight control site
Losing weight and gaining support

Fast Food Facts
Interactive food finder

Basal Metabolism
Enter information; get caloric needs

The Cancer Nutrition Pages
Focused on nutrition and recipes

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Hope Publications
Lists more than 30 sure-fire stress reducers

Behavior modification, forums, stress busters

Hour long or short course of meditation techniques

God Help Me! A Cancer Survivor's Bookstore
Good resource for a variety of stress-reducing books

Dancing Tree Frog
Cancer news and support. Authored by cancer survivor


Inteli Health - Caregivers

Help for Caregivers on the World Wide Web

Caregivers Survival Kit

Life-Sustaining Decisions & the Caregivers

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American Association for Therapeutic Humor
Network for humor

Cancer Meds Humor Pages
articles on cancer survivorship, humor, and reflections by cancer patients

On-line games to amuse all ages

Inconvenience Productions
Inconvenience productions offers a place for cancer survivors to go to get in touch with the human side of the battle -- to laugh, find joy and feel good about themselves. Here you'll find cancer humor, funny pieces, insightful articles on survivorship, quality poetry and good links.

Online version of comics

The Onion
Irreverent, sick, politically incorrect humor

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