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Many medicines are used to treat cancer. It’s easy to become confused by multiple prescriptions. It might help to think of your medicines as either maintenance or as needed. Some medicines are to be taken on a scheduled basis every so many hours, or every day. It’s helpful to make a list and schedule of these maintenance prescriptions.

Other medicines may be prescribed to be taken only as needed. Pain killers usually fall into this category. Make sure you understand the difference and don’t fall into the trap of taking these medicines too often. Make your life as alert as possible.

Some cancers are treated with immunology, hormone therapy, or bone marrow transplants. New or experimental medicines or treatments are often available in clinical trials.

Read the lists of questions regarding decisions to make before treatment, the use of investigational or experimental treatments, and unproven treatments.

See our link pages for additional drug reference sites.

work with your medical team
and make informed decisions

There are a number of
publications that give
general and specific
information about medicines. Take a look
at our list of favorites.

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